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We are an authorized shipping dealer for the following: 

We can courier your important documents and precious belongings to anywhere in the world. Nowadays there are so many different ways to ship, it can be overwhelming to someone who does not ship regularly. Whether you need a same day, next day or 3-day shipping need locally, nationally or internationally, we can accommodate you with the service.

Prices for shipping vary by weight, volume and destination. Please note that we can only provide exact quotes in person with your package in possession

We also accept your pre-labeled, pre-packaged and pre-paid FedEx Express and Ground shipments. Please ensure that your package is 'drop-off ready' (packaged, sealed and with label affixed). 

If your shipment is not complete or you require assistance with such things as filling out customs forms, photocopying, access to Internet, packaging, etc. you will have to pay for them separately as they are not covered through your FedEx account. Please note, charges may apply.

Commercial Invoices


If you are sending a non-document shipment internationally, you will be required to fill out a commercial invoice.

For more information about how to fill out commercial invoices, you can see FedEx's website:

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